09 October 2008

Day 9: "L" is for the way you look at me

LL Cool Lubo.


I know who wants you to vote for them.

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T. said...

I heart Lubo!


Yes, "He is very danger!"

And also - the clips where Sam talks about how Lubo's chest is huge! Golden!

Alana said...


"Steve Smith" said...

Good to see Reddox still at zero - it means you don't have any pedophiles among your readership.

James Mirtle said...

Vo-et for Lubo!

He sounds/looks sorta like Peewee Herman.

She said...

I'll have one of those cookies, sir.

Anonymous said...

"And also - the clips where Sam talks about how Lubo's chest is huge! Golden!"

what clips do you speak of?

doritogrande said...

Lubo, because he's a tank.

anonymous: here's your clip.


DMFB said...

You puppets are only voting based on who's actually playing on the roster. Linus Omark is clearly the most attractive player in the bunch.

Lowetide said...

Reddox looks like a mouse. An undersized, meek mouse. He would get a very small portion of the cheese ball. A nibble. Maybe.

Omark has the look of someone who has done things at an early age that may have had a longterm impact on motor skills.

Ladislav looks like a kid who will be an excellent defenseman for Detroit after making several hundred mistakes for our team.

Lubo is the class of this group but we all know Loxy's boy (Hemmer) will win the crown.


Becca Jane said...

I vote for Laddie, mostly because I am one of those sad people who are wearing rose-coloured glasses when it comes to him... Go ahead, judge me... Or take pity, I'm okay with that too.

Loxy said...

I like Laddy, but I love Lubo.

I said it July 1st:


Lord Bob said...

I have very few rules in life, but when of them is "if your choise is between a guy named Laddy and a guy named Liam, take Laddy."

Garnet said...

More Lubo love from his ex:


Anonymous said...

I feel disloyal to Laddy, but I have to go with Lubo. How can you not?

Aminah said...

I go with Lubo BUT only because he is the only one that actually looks like he's gone through puberty.

*I still like Laddy. YES, I SAID IT!