03 October 2008

Day 5: The Stud versus the Dessert

Welcome to Day 5 of the 2008 Hot-Off! We've got four competitors in this bracket, but let's be honest: real estate salesman Paukovich and meathead-esque JFJ don't have a chance. This is a battle between Jason "Studwick" Strudwick and Gilbert "Creme" Brule.

Strudwick is Edmonton-born, can grow a kickass moustache, is willing to rock out to Bon Jovi, and likes to spaz.

Brule is also Edmonton-born, pronounces his name "Jill-bear," has dreamy eyes, and the XBox version of him can do nifty tricks.

Here are those other two clowns, if neither of the above rock your boat:

Geoff Paukovich

Jean-Francois Jacques

46% STUDWICK!! 43% BRULE!!


Loxy said...

I thought we were onto day 6...

Anonymous said...

Brule looks like he could impregnate you across the room with just a look. His smultry eyes are delicious. Squeee!!

Lord Bob said...

I voted for Paukovich as a protest against counting him out before the voting has even begun!

Then I noticed that my vote gave him a total of one!


Anonymous said...

haha if i'd seen strudwick's spaz a lil earlier, he might've just gotten my vote

doritogrande said...

Brule was not an Oiler in 08, so that's out. Nor does he wear #21, that's double out. Jesus is also impervious to spin-moves. 3 strikes and he's out.

I'm all about the fauxhawk. Mmmmm, real French.

Loxy said...

I voted for JFJ as well... until I saw the vote count and noticed that it allows me to change my vote. I couldn't have Brule win. Go Studwick!

Bethany said...

Yay for Brule!