18 October 2008

I don't want the press pass and other musings.

The story of a blogger kicked out of the press box has now travelled outside the Oilogosphere and into the world.... here, here, here and here and now here- just a selection of some of my faves.

Yesterday, I ranted. Today, I'm still pretty annoyed.

I'm not annoyed that they kicked him out. He was probably going against the stipulations of his press pass - possibly unknowingly. But who wants to go through that? Professionally or personally.

I believe there are three main points that are addressed in this story.

1. A double standard - He was told he couldn't live blog, but others were doing so.
2. A lack of policy - The reasons for his removal changed
3. The role of the blogger - The Oilers don't need to encourage it, but why discourage it?

David Staples, a member of the mainstream media (and blogger?), gets it best in my mind. Scroll down past his game review to see him address the subject.

4. The organizations that will thrive in the future are the ones that will not only embrace the new platform of the Internet, they will master it. It's going to evidently take some time for mainstream organizations and thinkers to master the new platform, and mistakes are going to be made along the way.
The Oilers' mistake right now is to not have a coherent policy about "live" blogs from the press box. They should take the time to come up with one that makes sense, one that allows for "live" blogs from top columnists and credible bloggers so that Dave Berry and others can get on with their work.

So, what can you do?

Spread the message around. If you have a blog, put it up there, encourage discussion. What role does the blogger play? By forcing DMFB to delete the post, was he being censored?
Write the Edmonton Oilers. Ask them about their policy. Ask them about their double standards on live blogging.

Here's the address:
Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club
11230 - 110 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5G 3H7

Office: 780-414-4000
Fax: 780-409-5890

Email: http://oilers.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page=NHLPage&id=3677

If you kids with your google-skills can find more contact info, pass it along in the comments.

And don't worry, I will get off my soap box and continue the hot-off. Nobody likes an asterisk year.


raventalon40 said...

Double standards is right. Plus, who wants to read Colin McDonald and Taylor Chorney anyway? Jen Sharpe is the closest thing they have to a real blogger and even that is a stretch since her stuff is so artificial.

Anonymous said...

I live-blogged the game on Twitter last night, and frequently post related-updates there. The Oilers need to re-evaluate their position on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Rather than anything sinister against bloggers I have a feeling that it was something that hasn't or I haven't seen mentioned elsewhwere.

Blogging from the press box can be interpreted as "broadcasting" the games.

We all know CHED is infamous for squashing any kind of media when they own the broadcast rights. Take for example Esks games. How many times have we heard on the other sports station that they aren't even allowed a booth outside the venue pregame time because of CHED.

CHED paid for broadcast rights and they probably feel entitled. Right? Wrong? I don't know. I'm just sayin'.

Loxy said...

Okay, so lets say he was blogging from the the box. So were guys from Oilers Nation.

Shawn said...

I don't know why this really turned into a blogger vs. the Edmonton Oilers thing anyway.

From what I understand the main point of contention was that Dave was treated rather rudely despite his not knowing the rule and politely co-operating after being informed of the rules.

That in and of itself is certainly not good, but I'm not certain it's firestorm worthy.

I have to say my dealings with the Oilers media people have been generally very friendly and professional. It's unfortunate his weren't and that's something that should be corrected.

Loxy said...

I have to say my dealings with the Oilers media people have been generally very friendly and professional.

First time anyone I know has said this.

All I have heard is horror stories from everyone.

Anonymous said...

Before your mistake of your OilersNation claim goes any further, please read Brownlee's post.


Gregor has been associated with live blogging (if 3 updates are "live" anyway). He too was told this was a no-no. He just didn't have the urge to whine like a school boy.

Loxy said...

You mean because he gets paid? And because he didn't get his stuff deleted and an escort out of the building?

Just get it through your head that we don't agree on this and let that be that.

Anonymous said...

David Staples with the Oilers take on this...I side with them on this issue... How do you draw the line?