16 October 2008

Day 12: Will Schremp be "robbed" of another Hot Off title?

Why should you vote for each of these dudes?

Robert Nilsson: Because you're a gay man or overly European.

Robbie Schremp: Because you have a heart that beats, eyes that see and an insatiable hunger to find out what picture I could possibly reveal in the next round.

Robby Dee: Because you love bad music and you assume that he must be a radio DJ counting down your top-40 hits.

Ryan O'Marra: Because you believe in education. (And maybe you're secretly hoping he eventually makes it against all odds at this point.)



raventalon40 said...

Can't vote for anyone we didn't draft - sorry! Rob Schremp it is.

quain said...

You have to vote for Nilsson, the smile just makes him look like a big kid who's happy to be here.

And I only vote for people who can backcheck.

T. said...

ooo - this one is hard.

I like odd little Europeans but I am oddly fascinated by the thought of what creepy picture of Hockey Jesus may come out next.

Then again, maybe a pty vote would help O'Marra's confidence. Pouliot's hot-off round win (!!!) seemed to give him some spark... ;-)

Lord Bob said...

Robbie Schremp is essentially the light beer version of Bobby Nilsson.

So why did I vote for Schremp? I don't know. I have a problem. Help me.

T. said...

Do we really have a Robert (Bobby), Robbie and Robby?

We need a Roberto. (Not Luongo)

Alana said...

O'Marra reminds me of Jermaine from FotC, so he gets my vote. It's business time!

Loxy said...

He got my vote too!


doritogrande said...

Yep. He sure will be "robbed"


Now go put this win to good use Rowbert. Go find a woman that will show you how to dress proper.

Loxy said...

Nilsson wins.