He's the 67.5 Million Dollar Man.

If only he was MY 67.5 Million Dollar Man...

In case you didn't hear, the hockey (and sporting world) was rocked by the 15 year contract to a Mr. Rick DiPietro of the New York Islanders. The length of the contract will take Rick to the age of 40, though I anticipate that he will still be worthy of swooning by girls.

You see, this isn't the first time that he's been mentioned on this primarily-Oilers website. In the August 12th post, "Know Your Fangirl", yours truly named Rick to her 1st Team All-Hot players as starting goalie.

How does a 15 year contract affect my faithful readers at hot oil?

The top 5 reasons why the DiPietro signing will affect the rest of our lives:

5. Dipietro's face (*swoon*) will be the face of the Islanders long after he destroys his knee in Year 4 of the contract.

4. Loxy can start making a list of dark haired American players - a pattern in her squeeage. (Note: I wouldn't say that Robbie has dark hair.)

3. Cute boys should continue to be compensated for their cuteness instead of establishing themselves as franchise players in this league.

2. More Wang Jokes.

1. If Rick can sign a ridiculous 15 year contract, The Prez can still hold out hope for Igor to be signed by the Oilers. Stranger things HAVE happened.


the Prez said…
Oh yeah. This particular man is neither big, nor Russian but now I'm holding out hope that Ulanov will be signed to a contract that brings him to 40. Let's get him a three-year contract!

Also, on an unrelated note: The Oilers rookies spanked the golden bears for the first time in five years in their annual game.
Anonymous said…
hmmm - Dipietro is quite the looker - he would win the hot-off hands down; good thing he isn't an Oiler! lol. Or maybe it's a bad thing..............
anyhoo, good to hear the Oilers rookies finally won. wooooooo
Jordi said…
My sister has this huge crush on Cheechoo, middle name Earl and all. She even sat me down and told me that she didn't think she could handle being "Mrs Cheechoo". But he's Canadian but... hell.

But duh, if DiPietro suffers that career ending injury, he could still be Mr May of the 2011 calendar.
Anonymous said…
He definitely is incredibly hot...I can't believe he got lucky enough to get a 15 year contract. Like you said, he'll prolly get injured in a few years and still get paid all that money. Craziness.
Alana said…
The Rookies beat the Bears!? That's a fantastic sign for this year. Woot!
HG said…
I don't understand how he can be so hot. It confuses me. What sort of gene pool did he come from?

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