19 September 2006

The man. The myth. Tonight's first star.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's tonight's first star, Tom Gilbert. I went to see the Oilers' first pre-season home game tonight, and I liked what I saw.

The Oil took out Florida with a score of 2-1. Gilbert got the first goal of the game, with assists by Schremp and Pettersson. Florida followed some minutes later with a first-period goal on Roli.

Nothing happened in the second period, except for the major booing of Todd Bertuzzi. The third period brought about a very nice goal by Smyth (assists went to Horcoff and "Pants" Pisani). Roloson earned himself the third star. The second went to Smyth, and the first star went to that hottie pictured above, Tom Gilbert.

On the jersey front: I only saw one Pronger jersey, one less than the number of Comrie jerseys I saw. And Pisani jerseys are definitely on the rise.


Alana said...

Go Roli! I'm glad his leg didn't fall off.

Bank Shot said...

This doesn't have anything to do with Gilbert, but I think you girls have a hilarious site. To show my appreciation I drawed yous a picture of Momma Winchester out on the town.


Bank Shot.......Esquire

Alana said...

Thanks, Bankshot. You are a true artiste. I think we'll have to use your drawing for B-Rad's next Hot Off battle!

Bank Shot said...
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Bank Shot said...

Glad you like it. Keep up the great work.

"Steve Smith" said...

I also thought Mike Duco looked very good for a 19 year old player with no pro experience in camp on a rookie tryout. Does anybody know if he's hot?

Alana said...

Duco's not bad looking. I could do without the chin fuzz, but he has potential!