17 September 2006

Preseason Game Numero Uno

It was a hot one in Winnipeg tonight as the Edmonton Oilers faced off against the team which was once the Jets. The crowd knew which team was hotter. Internet radio has a fancy way of transmitting "sound" and it sounded like cheers for the oil, jeers for Comrie and co.

With no one able to pop Double D's cherry in net, the hottest team around skated to a 5-0 win.

Yours truly was especially pleased with the return of Marty "Shocked and Appalled" Reasoner to the Oilers lineup (with a fabulous 3 assists). It killed me to know that he watched the Stanley Cup run, knowing that he loved this team. They'll just have to win it this year and have it be that much sweeter.

Sure, Mr. Rachel Hunter scored 2 goals, but it was about friggin time. You kids realize he hadn't scored since the San Jose series? Maybe someone needs to take a look at their "priorities".

And then there was Alexei "I always forget if the h goes before or after the k" Mikhnov. Welcome to the NHL, Mr. Straight Hairline. The Pygohy-born player made a huge case for minutes this season with a hot 3 pt performance (1g, 2a). The chemistry* he found with Reasoner may be indicative of future line combinations this season.

(*until actual highlights of this game are seen, chemistry can only be measured by the intensity of Roddy's voice)

So, the inaugural Buster Poindexter (and his banshees of blue) Hot Hot Hot player of the game goes to:

Alexei "Traktor Boy" Mikhnov


Jordi said...

DD looks kind of cute in a disgruntled emo way. He deserves a hot stamp.

And Mikhnov cleaned up well!

Alana said...

Nice write-up, Loxy! Reasoner's roster photo is hilarious.

Anonymous said...


That's a good way to describe Reasoner's mugshot - Shocked and Appalled! Love it!