14 September 2006

Schremp may have lost the Hot Off...

...but he won me over in the shootout vs the Golden Bears.

EDIT: One of the upcoming participants in the Oilogosphere blogger Hot-Off (the mighty Grabia) alerted me to the You Tube of the Schremp goal. I'm too lazy to post it in here, just click the link.

It's hot HOT.

But keep your eyes open for the 0:34, 0:57, and 1:44 on the counter.. (or anytime that Lupul is on the screen.. SQUEE!)

Also, the BoA is helping us bring sexy back. Funny thing is, I don't think sexy ever left. Well, maybe from 94-99.


andy grabia said...

Pfft. Don't you read BoA anymore? We have the YouTube up. Waay easier to watch.

Loxy said...

No, my computer is really bad at updating pages. I'll go to BoA and won't see anything different.

I even searched youtube in the making of my post! F-U You Tube!

Anonymous said...

Robbie! I don't care what people say about his showboating, it's fun, it's exciting, and it's definitely HOT. I stand by my vote for cutie pie Brodziak, but I'd be lying if I say that clip didn't make me all melty. Robbie Schremp in an Oilers jersey, dangling goalies out of their pads = TO DIE FOR. Boy, you'd think I like hockey or something. :D

I second that SQUEE! wrt Lupul. He's got dreamy eyes, and this somewhat shy little grin that makes him look oh so cute. Yum yum.

I love this blog.

p.s. Loxy, I've had the same problem with my computer not updating blog pages. Try clearing your cache. Works for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot: Roli! SQUEE! He's so adorable.

This video totally made my week. Sigh.

Jordi said...

I knew Lupul was money! MONEY! M-O-N-N-I-E!

Oh I loved Roloson "throw my stick at his skates". I really do hope he'd do that.

I still dunno about Schremp. I mean if he keeps doing that I'd be a bit turned off him. Besides there'd be millions of bunnies throwing their underwear on the ice.

Alana said...

Roli is so cute. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha - All good comments ladies!

I forgot how cute Reasoner was! gosh!

Lupul does have 'dreamy' eyes, not 'freaky' eyes as some of my friends say. Me thinks they are just jealous. ;)

btw, BoA is an awesome blog! I love Andy's posts! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

That YouTube video was impressive! Robbie was amazing, Roli was funny, Joffrey's eyes were dreamy and Marty was as cute as always.

Robbie should do his little fancy stick-handling in an Oilers shoot-out! Then I will faint in enjoyment!;)