12 September 2006

Squee! News from an Oily Weekend!

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As the only Hot Oil fangirl still residing in Alberta's capital region, I feel it is only proper for me to attend every Oilers event.

The Oilers had been practising all of last week at the U of A's Clare Drake Arena. I finally made it out to go watch them on Friday. It was clearly infintely more important than going to class.
-Roli's limbs look all healed up; he didn't look like he was suffering at all.
-Torres and Horcoff were looking very sharp. Both receive an A for their effort from this fangirl.
-Matt Greene has not decreased in size. Nor has the disdain that I feel for him.
-Tjarnqvist and Lupul look like they mesh quite well with the rest of the team. Also, I have discovered that Tjarnqvist is a sexy, sexy man.
-Alexei Mikhnov is enormous, and possibly quite shy. He wasn't really interacting with the other players, probably due to the language barriers.
-Igor hasn't been re-signed in secret, only to make his grand appearance at the practice.

Saturday brought about the season ticket pick up. There were autograph signings, but we arrived too late to get autographs from bigwigs Horcoff, Pisani, Roloson etc. I saw all of the rookies and some of the pther players. Mikhnov gets the award for cutest rookie, as he was just sitting there with a huge grin on his face the entire time. He can barely speak English, but he looked happy as a clam for the entire time he was sitting there signing autographs.

Saturday's observations:
-Jarret Stoll has the makings of a future captain, at least when it comes to fan relations and interacting with his teammates.
-Earlier speculation about Jan Hejda's attractiveness proves true: he is an attractive individual. His head did not look too lumpy. And unfortunately for squealy fangirls, my wedding ring detector located a wedding ring on his finger.
-The way that Tjarnqvist's eyes don't quite look in the same direction really turns me on. Alas, he has a wedding ring also.
-Raffi Torres was by far the crankiest player there. He barely looked up at anyone. Perhaps he was hung over.
-Smid is much better-looking in person than he is in his mug shot. The smirk is still present, but I'd even venture to call him good-looking. Of course, coming from me that's not saying much.
More Pictures from Saturday:
-Tom Gilbert
-Jussi Markkanen
-An unflattering picture of MacT
-Jarret Stoll
-Daniel "Hottest Swede EVER" Tjarnqvist
Yes, that's an XXL Ulanov jersey.


Jake said...

Interesting fact about that picture with Mikhnov: he was sitting down, but the Prez was actually standing on a chair.

Anonymous said...

Great report. I wanted to go, too. Kingsway Mall autograph session for sure!

I appreciate the wedding ring detector. A girl has to know these things.

Tjarnqvist looks like Donald Sutherland!

Is it Oct. 5 yet?

Anonymous said...

MacT can take an unflattering picture? I'm in shock. O_o

I can't get enough of these Oilers-in-the-flesh type of reports. Yes, my dream is to one day become a full-time stalker of the entire team. Mikhnov is so cute! I love him already. *girlish giggle* Is he married also?

Jordi said...

SQUEE Markkanen has that whole suspense thriller hero guy thing going on. Mikhnov wins points for that cute mo.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to chime in with my goalie crush, Jussi. He's just so cute!

Alana said...

Nice report, Prez! Mikhnov seems adorable. Roli's still my #1, but I have to say that the Juice is looking pretty good these days.

Black Dog said...

Mikhnov is married, I believe.

Was going ot challenge you on the Tjarnqvust thing but he is a handsome fella, indeed.

I have to stop coming to this site. I'm veering slowly but surely into metrosexual territory.

Neil said...

That's a Coffey Night jersey! Lucky. Trade you my Snack Pack for it?

Mikhnov is going to be a very big deal come October - God I can't wait for this lousy month to finish. Seeing baseball on SportsNet makes me antsy.

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwe - I wish I could afford season tickets.
I didn't even buy my usual mini pack cuz I was so pissed off at the selection of games (and price increase!) this year.
Going to try my best to get individual games here and there.

HG said...

I just have to add that I was just watching sportsnet news and they showed Lupul putting his jersey on and anyways, he looks even hotter on tv. Lucky girls.

Daggit said...

who is that sitting beside Stoll?

the Prez said...

Neil - That's my Igor Ulanov game-worn Paul Coffey Night jersey, and it is priceless!

Daggit - I think that's Zach Stortini or however you spell it.

Alana said...

Also known as Zach Attack!