19 September 2006

Makeover, Makeover, Makeover!

There's been a lot of discussion around here the past couple of days about the new Oiler roster photos. Of all the boys, the most dramatic transformation has to be Petr Sykora, who went from this:

to this:

I'm not sure what to think of Sykora's new emo styles, since I was a big fan of his previous ridiculousness. I hope this doesn't mean he'll make the rest of the team listen to Joy Division before games. That's just not good for morale.

Since Sykora seems to have no problem with makeovers, I thought it would be appropriate to give him the Hot Oil treatment that Loxy suggested last month. Here's what our man Petr would look like if he accidentally got himself a normal jock haircut:

Pretty underwhelming. Maybe he should go red, and add some volume. We all know he's no stranger to mousse.

It's a little Lucille Ball, but it's not like the Oilers don't already have a lady in their employ.*

I've always admired Jaromir Jagr's super-fem curly mullet. It's pretty much the most awesome hair that the NHL has ever seen. I think Sykora should co-opt Jagr's style so he can dazzle his opponents with more than his great smile.

If I were 101-years-old, I'd rather run my fingers through that beautiful mess than Smytty's greasy mop.

Finally, no makeover is complete without a glamorous up-do. Huzzah!

*Thanks to bank shot for the Winnie photo!


Anonymous said...

I'm not pleased with Sykora's new 'do. The bangs are too heavy and weighty. I much prefer the original, minus the frosting and tufts behind the ears. At least get rid of the goatee, Petr.

T. said...

OK, just call me a 101 year old woman - I'd run my fingers through Smytty's hair any old time.

Anonymous said...

I like the new look. Oddly enough, I also don't hate the makeover looks.

mudcrutch79 said...

In response to his current photo:

Don't the best of them bleed it out
While the rest of them peter our
Truth or consequence, say it aloud
Use that evidence, race it around

There goes my hero
Watch him as he goes

Kudos my hero leaving all the best
You know my hero, the one thats on

Anonymous said...

Sykora is just so cute, but I'm not really digging the 'emo' style at all.
The messy hair in the Ducks photo was pretty hawt, but like d. said - minus the frosting and tufts behind the ears.

No matter what hair style he has, here's hoping he scores many many manyyyyyy goals for the Oilers this season.

Jordi said...

The last one is actually gorgeous. I'll get that done for my graduation methinks.

I prefer the emo Petr over the old Petr because he looked like a sleazy guy in a pub in the last one. Now at least if you jazz up the hair, he's not emo Sykora - he's grunge rocker Sykora! He should front some Czech metal band. Or at least win a Eurovision contest.

Alana said...

Good call, MC. I didn't even notice the Dave Grohl resemblance.

DMFB said...

How come all the makeovers you people do end up with girl haircuts? Isn't this site supposed to be celebrating the unabashed, manly sexiness of the Oilers? Where's the Johnny Unitas haircut? Or at least a metro faux hawk?

Loxy said...

I'm just happy that he went back to "au naturel". I mean, frosted tips?

Alana said...

The problem, PM, is that all of the free online makeover sites are for ladies. The selection of men's cuts is limited to "ugly metrosexual" -- I wish I even had the option of choosing a faux hawk!

Anonymous said...

It's voting day here in Hot Oil country but the electoral officers seem to have disappeared and we don't know who the candidates are. How can hot oil function without a fair and bias election process?

WhoreableGuy said...

I'll let the emo-style hair slide if he just backchecks once in a while.